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Register for this event and I’ll tell you everything that’s in my refrigerator right now, and why (the freezer too):

Open House Fitness Class Marathon for Cancer Patients


I thought it was going to be a productive day today. Since my client load is lighter on Tuesdays, I had great plans to get some serious work done. Getting a profile up for a new Zumba instructor, scheduling interviews with more candidates (we’ll most likely have at least a few sessions each week at the studio), getting a new sign made up (can any of you even see the sign from the street??!) and updating the class chedule on the website were all on my agenda. Oh – and I was planning on working out, as well. And some time in there I need to have something resembling a lunch, right?

Getting time for a sit-down lunch is not going to happen, so here’s what I’ll take to the studio to eat after the workout on the way to pick my kids up from school:

a banana

a hard boiled egg

Cocoa Sommersaults

These are easy to eat on the run and healthy. The combination is inexpensive, filling and packed with fiber, protein, vitamins and minerals. And did I mention yummy?

 I get the Somersaults at Peets on Hopyard/Valley in Pleasanton.

Try it out!

It’s finally DONE! After years of operating in a much smaller and less professional environment, months of looking at spaces and learning about commercial lease negotiations, and weeks painting, stripping and installing flooring and finally moving all my equipment over, it’s mine, all mine!

And I was guided and supported by the best people every step of the way.

First, my commercial real estate agent was, ironically, the son of one of my very first clients. Life-long Tri Valley resident Mark Rinkle was in college when I started training his mother. I’ve trained just about every member of his family, including his wife and sister, and went to his wedding before really knowing him. He was patient, professional and always looked out for my best interests through this process, generously spending time educating me and offering critical insight to the process from the beginning, more than a year ago. His obvious personal investment in my successful completion of this deal far exceeded the value of his commission. I am fortunate to have worked with him. He’s with Lee and Associates and can be reached at .

My new landlords, their property manager and their son, who is also the electrician, have all been supportive and welcoming, as have the neighbors in the complex I’ve met so far. I’m in the small strip mall on the south side of Stanley between California and First, just down the row from Napa Auto Parts

Local contractor Jim Morgenroth took time to look at other places I was considering and offered build-out and size input that helped me make the right decision. He also loaned me crew members on a moment’s notice when I needed them to complete the floor. Jim does phenomenal work – he did the second remodel on my house and remodeled and owns the Victorian I’m currently living in – and has been a great friend to me when I’ve needed it most. His website:

Wally at All Bay Fitness rearranged his schedule to help me get my last piece of equipment over before the weekend. He moves, delivers, installs and services all types of home and gym exercise equipment, is a terrific guy and can be reached at (510) 332-7400.

The two rug rats who share my name were troopers about hanging out in the unfinished space, watching movies on my laptop, enjoying bagels and hot chocolate while I painted and scraped.

And finally, someone in my life who I met years ago through my business has provided immeasurable support, encouragement, ideas, time and physical labor to help me realize this little dream. Thanks, M, from the bottom of my heart.

My private training business is, thankfully, near capacity, so that will continue to be the core of TriValleyTrainer’s activity. But I’m thrilled to be starting Zumba classes with the best group exercise instructor I’ve ever known, Tanya Carlson . Tanya is a former ESPN Fitness America champion, a Lululemon spokesperson, ACE certified trainer and group instructor, and is well known here in Tri Valley fitness circles for good reason. No fitness professional I know exhibits more passion, competence and commitment to her craft. And I’m honored to have her offer classes at the studio. Her first Zumba series will be Tue/Thu, 10am, beginning August 23 (first day of school in Pleasanton!), and Fri 5pm. I’ll also be offering a Wed, 10am boxing circuit class starting the same week, quarterly free weekend workshops by other wellness practitioners and a monthly guided group meditation. More details on all this to come, or you can contact me at

I’m excited about the future and hope to meet some of you as this new chapter unfolds.

Ok – it took a little longer than I’d planned (Hey! I’ve been busy ;-) , but I’m pretty much where I was hoping to be in plenty of time for this summer and lots of days at the pool and the beach. How did I do it? Take a look at the nutrition, fat loss and exercise tips in the index to your right above.

1. Floss with Glide mint dental floss.
2. Brush using an electric toothbrush and Arm & Hammer Complete Care toothpaste (don’t forget to brush your tongue where film and bacteria builds up).
3. Rub three drops of cinnamon oil on your upper teeth and gums.
4. Apply vanilla mint Chapstick.

Try it. You’ll see.kiss

Last Friday at an intense exercise class I lead at a local company, a new participant had a bit of a rough time, especially at the end. It’s happened before from time to time with my private clients as well. Feeling over extended, then weak, light headed and even a little nauseated. It can be the start of an illness, not nearly enough rest the night before or, in rare cases, pretty significant dehydration. Don’t even THINK about coming to one of my classes or a private session with a hangover!

But much more often, the problem is simply low blood sugar. The body needs adequate easily accessible carbohydrates in the bloodstream to deliver the goods for an especially challenging workout. So what should you eat before the workout? That depends on how soon before the workout you eat. Here’s a simple formula that should work well for you:

Three hours before: A balanced meal of roughly equal parts protein, grains and produce (fruit or veggies)

Two hours before: A light snack with a protein/carb mix like yogurt, trail mix and a little fruit

One hour or less: one piece of a high water content/low fiber fruit like melon, grapes, peaches or plumbs

But the most important thing is to try to keep your blood sugar stable throughout the day with small, frequent meals and snacks.

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